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Degree Dairy Feed

Degree Dairy Feed supports all stages of life, from calves to heifers to milk cows. Only highly digestible ingredients are used and are properly balanced to match the specific needs of your herd. By using Degree Dairy products, you will receive free on-farm consultations from our nutrition specialists on a regular basis. All Degree Dairy Line of products contain organic trace minerals for increased bioavailability.

Product Creation

  • Formulation based on research published in Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle (2001) and other cutting edge university research programs.
  • Only quality ingredients used; monitored by the Supplier Approval Program.
  • Ingredients tested for nutrient levels and used to optimize the rations nutrition profile.
  • Extensive background work and formulation experience have gone into the development and manufacturing of the Degree Dairy family of products.

Product Benefits

  • Primary objectives are related to best animal health and maximum efficiency.
  • Diets are optimized for the reduction of feed costs and increase in profitability.
  • Complex biological models handled by sophisticated computer software aid us in knowing with accuracy the nutritional value of feeds and their actions at the digestive level.
  • This makes it possible to optimize rumen fermentation and ensure maximum microbial yield, thereby avoiding feed waste that is detrimental to profitability, animal health, and the environment.
  • Superior nutrition program at a very competitive price.

Consultation Services

The use of NEMO Degree Dairy products comes with free on-farm ration formulation and management consulting from our nutritionists. Our nutritionists are dedicated to providing professional, experienced, and educated advice to all of our clients. Profitability is the cornerstone to longevity of any business, and maintaining profitability can be especially challenging in the dairy industry. Because nutrition costs often add up to more than half of a dairy’s operating expenses, the nutrition program has a tremendous influence over profitability. Therefore at NEMO Feed we have built a team that strives to excel in every aspect of the feed business, most importantly quality and service, to ensure we deliver a nutrition program that fosters profitability.

We believe the knowledge, talent, and energy of NEMO’s dairy team sets us apart from the competition and we would be glad to visit with you about these details.



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