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For optimum health and productivity, our team of experienced nutritionists provides us with properly formulated feeds for each species per their nutritional needs.


Efficient mixing is key to good feed production. NEMO Feed strives for consistent and proper mixing practices. Feed particle sizes are also taken into consideration, as inconsistent particle sizes can cause separation when entering pre-pellet, pre-extrusion, or in farm bins.


Feed ingredients or mixtures of ingredients are agglomerated by compacting and forcing them through die openings by a mechanical process in combination with moisture, heat, and pressure, thus increasing feed efficiency by gelatinization of feed components in the feed ingredients so that livestock can better utilize the finished product.


Raw ingredients or mixtures of ingredients are pushed through a barrel by means of screws of different configurations and pressed through a die at the end of the barrel. The ingredients/mixtures are then exposed to high temperatures, varying from 200-300+ °F, for a couple of seconds. The ingredient/mixture temperature increases progressively within the last split seconds before erupting out of the die opening at end of the barrel to reach the optimum temperature to achieve the desired effects.

Mineral Manufacturing

Forage and grains provide nutrients, but cannot always meet all of the animals nutritional requirements. We manufacture a full line of loose mineral to help balance diets for all classes of livestock.

Toll Milling

We provide custom milling, mixing, pelleting, extruding, and mineral manufacturing services.

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