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Premium Dairy Beef Feed

We utilize the most recent research available to keep your dairy beef herd healthy and productive. We offer multiple feeding programs to suit your needs. We have dairy beef specialists to provide on-farm consultation as well.

Dairy Beef Program Summary

Stating AgeBirth (in months)123456789101112131415
Starting weight, lbs8811517525034043553062572582091010001090118012651350
End weight, lbs11517525034043553062572082091010001090118012651350Market
Monthly Weight Gain, pounds27607590959595959590909090858585
Dry FeedMilk or milk replacer and Dairy Beef StarterGradually wean and enncouraging more dry feed intake16% Dairy Beef Grower16% transitioned to a 14% Dairy Beef Grower14% Dairy Beef Grower2 lbs of Nemo Steer Stuffer Pellet plus ad lib whole shelled corn1 lbs of Nemo Steer Stuffer Pellet plus ad lib whole shelled corn
Milk replacer consumption, lbs of powder3812-
Daily dry feed consumption, lbs1 to 22.5 to 57.29121414.515.516.517.819.221.522.824.125.326.5
Monthly dry feed consumption, lbs45.75114.375219.6274.5366427442.25472.75503.25542.9585.6655.75695.4735.05771.65808.25
Anticipated conversion (Feed:Gain)
Milk replacer cost, $49.415.6
Dry Feed Cost, $ / month7.9219.7934.4743.0951.7743.0836.4138.3940.3742.9545.7350.2952.8655.4457.8260.20
Feed Cost/lb of gain2.120.590.460.480.540.450.380.400.420.480.510.560.590.650.680.71
Birth to Finish Feed costs:745
Initial calf cost65
Bedding ($0.12/d)54
Vaccinnes and health costs12
Labor ($0.30/d)135
Death loss (est 6%)25
Feed costs740
Total estimated costs1041
Expenses per pound of live weight0.771


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