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Non-GMO Family Coop Chicken Feed is available for starter, grower, developer, finisher, and layer feeds. Only highly digestible ingredients are used and are properly balanced to match the specific needs of your poultry flock. We also offer management consultation, feeding programs, and a full range of feeds for broilers, turkeys, ducks, and game birds.

Family Coop Products

Non-GMO Layer Mash

Complete feed for laying hens

Non-GMO Broiler Starter

Complete feed for starting chickens

Non-GMO Broiler Grower

Complete feed for growing chickens

Non-GMO Turkey Starter

Complete feed for growing turkeys

Non-GMO Turkey Grower

Complete feed for growing turkeys

Family Coop Poultry Program

We offer

  • Consistent formulation
  • Only highly digestible ingredients that are properly balanced to match the specific needs of your poultry flock
  • Balanced nutrition

We use specially designed vitamin-trace mineral add packs to ensure that each micro ingredient is properly balanced and in every ounce of feed. Formulas are designed to balance amino acids, as well as protein, fat, and fiber. The formulas are blended together so that the feed has the highest quality mix that will be consumed by the chickens. Our feeds do not only look good on paper, but also in the feed pan.


  • Healthy start
  • Fast and efficient growth
  • Strong finish
  • Proper development
  • Maximum egg production

Chick Care Tips

  • The temperature should be 90-95°F for the first week at floor level. You can achieve this by hanging a heat lamp or brooder 18-20″ above the floor. Reduce the temperature a few degrees each day by raising the heat lamp or brooder. By 21 days, you should be around 70°F.
  • Provide 1-2″ of clean, dry, non-dusty litter (pine shavings or chopped straw).
  • Keep litter dry, replacing it as needed.
  • Place Family Coop Chick Starter in cardboard flats, shallow pans, or on plain cardboard sheets so chicks can easily find feed. Always have clean, fresh water available.
  • Give the chicks plenty of space to help keep them dry.
  • For additional husbandry and feeding recommendations call your NEMO Feed representative.


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