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Excellence in animal nutrition and customer service are the benchmarks of NEMO Feed.  We pride ourselves on supporting the producer with top of the line, up-to-date nutritional information to achieve optimal animal health, performance and profitability.  One example of how we do this is the Degree line of dairy products

Creation of the Degree Dairy Products 

  • Formulations based off of research published in Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle (2001) and work done at The Ohio State University    

    Forages, feedstuffs, TMR's, and complete feeds were chemically tested for mineral content from all around our service area and used to determine mineral deficiencies  
  • Antagonistic traits of iron and sulfur are taken into consideration  


Benefits of the Degree Dairy Products

  • Independent research assures the producer the needs of his livestock are the driving force behind what the animal is being offered
  • Some areas with high levels of antagonists will benefit from the addition of chelated minerals above the levels available in the Degree minerals.  This insures that excessive rates are not fed when not needed and the environment is not contaminated with excess levels that cows did not absorb.


    Vitamins are fragile in nature and can be degraded over time by sharp edged trace minerals.  For this reason, trace minerals and vitamins were formulated separately.  

What DEGREE of service are you receiving?  

By using Degree products, you will also receive free on-farm consultation on a regular basis.  Forage sampling, ration formulation and review of management strategies are just some of the ways our nutritionist can help you.  Only someone with knowledge of your specific needs and management level can really help you maximize your livestock operation. 

Wouldn't this degree of service help you most? 


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